Calling All Writers - Updated


At Ethnotek, we’re passionate about culture in all its forms, and we know that you are, too.

We’d love to hear the stories that inspire you, from handmade crafts and local festivals to worthy social enterprises and outstanding personalities who are making a difference.

Our blog touches on many different topics, with the common thread being a passion for documenting, preserving, and promoting culture around the world.

Possible blog topics are:

  • Culture (especially aspects with interesting backstories and that are being adapted to ensure their preservation)
  • Inspiring stories about Social Entrepreneurship
  • Crafts, handmade art
  • Design, design-related technology
  • Food
  • Language
  • Other (environment, fashion, travel, inspiring creatives, etc.)

We have a preference for people-driven articles, but a wide range of content is welcome. Original content is preferred, especially on topics with which you have a personal connection.  

How to apply:

Email the following info to

  • Concept of article(s) you'd like to write for us
  • Headline: Catchy title that will make people want to read the article
  • Brief outline: Lay out the overall structure of the article and bullet point a few brief details of what you intend to cover. Include source or interviews, if relevant.
  • Why you? Write a sentence or two about why it should be you to write the article (eg. expertise, personal experience, access to an authority or expert in the field, etc.)
  • Writing samples: While we welcome pitches from new writers, if you have written other articles in a similar style, please send us the links so we can get a feel for your writing style
  • Images: Let us know if you have decent quality images to accompany your writing

Some additional tips:

  • Look through the Ethnotek blog to see what kinds of articles we publish
  • Choose a topic you’re personally passionate about 
  • Pitch a story, not a topic (“how designers are incorporating traditional motifs into their work” rather than “graphic design” or “fashion”)
  • Successful article pitches usually have some kind of hook: eg. a human element that readers can connect to (an inspiring personality or a worthwhile social enterprise, for example); a lesson or benefit to the reader (eg. how to travel sustainably, tips for becoming location-independent, a quirky eating guide for a certain city or country); an original topic that hasn’t been covered extensively elsewhere or makes the reader see a familiar topic in a different light
  • Remember that your pitch showcases your raw writing skills, so make sure it reads well, is concise and engaging, and double-check spelling and grammar

The process generally goes something like this:

  • You send a successful pitch
  • The editor responds with suggestions
  • You send the first draft
  • The editor responds with edits
  • You send the second draft
  • The editor sends final approval
  • Ethnotek sends you a gift code / the post gets published

About our blog posts:

  • Length: 800-1,000 words
  • Style: Magazine-style long form
  • Accompanying images: Preferred, but not required
  • Readership: Primarily in the 20-40 year old age range, well-read, well-travelled

As a “thank you”, each published piece will earn a USD 200 gift code to use on the Ethnotek website. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!