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Waterproof backpack for travel with your laptop | 20 liter | Setia

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Type: Laptop Backpack

Travel Backpack with a 13" and 15" laptop safe compartment

A waterproof backpack for travel with your laptop and computer equipment thanks to a safe and secure compartment for 13" and 15" laptops. Ethnotek Setia laptop daypack’s trusty water resistant 840 denier ballistic nylon construction will be able to handle just about any adventure you take it on.

Discover how big this compact 20 liter backpack can be: a loyal travel companion on urban commutes, light hikes and short journeys, but with enough space to fit the gear of a busy day or weekend trips.

The main compartment opens via a large drawstring cinch top and closes with a buckle clipped hood. A left side zip-gusset pocket fits a slim water bottle or other small accessories, which can be accessed easily on the fly.

A zipper on back-right side of the pack allows you to access the inner space of the bag without having to take it off, or if you have to quickly access something at the bottom of the bag and don’t want to go in through the top. Padded shoulder straps with slide adjusting sternum strap make for a comfy fit while wearing. Another faithful feature of the Setia waterproof backpack for laptop is it’s waterproof built in rain cover so you never have to worry about getting stuck in the elements during your travel.

Name: Setia means loyal, faithful, true & trusty in Bahasa Indonesia and makes up part of our head artisan in Solo Indonesia’s name ‘Setiawan’ or Iwan for short.

Waterproof laptop backpack features to keep your tech safe while traveling

  • Water resistant 840 denier ballistic nylon main bag fabric
  • Built-in handmade textile paneling. Exterior & interior.
  • Left side zip gusset pocket for water bottle & quick-grab accessories
  • Back-right side zip pocket to access main internal compartment volume
  • Main compartment can also be accessed by its large drawstring cinch top
  • Main compartment is sealed with a buckle clipped top hood
  • A zipper pocket is built into the top hood for easy access storage
  • Padded shoulder straps with slide adjusting sternum strap for comfortably fit while wearing
  • Built-in rain cover tucks into and can be removed from the bottom of the bag’s back panel
  • YKK® zippers


Main pack: 10” x 18.9” x 6.3” (26cm x 48cm x 16cm)
20 liters

Key Features

  • * 840 denier waterproof ballistic nylon
  • * Fits 13-15” Mac & PC laptops
  • * Built-in rain cover
  • * YKK Zippers



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Perfect Daypack!

I've used and abused this pack for 2 years. It's the perfect bag for everyday use because it's slim but spacious - easily holds my iPad, laptop, purse, cords, water bottle, and more. It's especially perfect when I travel to NYC because I can keep it on my back without worrying about someone getting into it without me noticing. The side access zipper is a great design and the rain cover is a bonus!

Elliott J. Brecht

Awesome pack for those quick outings

While listed as a laptop backpack I'v used it to store my snack, water bladder/bottle and other first aid type items during my outings. I used the laptop pouch to hold the water bladder and ran my tube out the side. Worked perfectly!! While a compact backpack, I really liked that it has both padded shoulder straps and the raised lumbar back padding which made for a comfy fit and allowed a bit of airflow. I also like that it’s water resistant and contains a hidden built-in rain-fly, not that it has rained once since I’ve moved out to Northern California. The top zippered pocket in the top hood is the perfect size for items which you’ll want to have easy quick access; IDs, credit cards, cell phone, sunglasses, etc. The main pocket is easily accessible via either the drawstring top or the side zipper so you can grab things out of the bottom without having to root around the pack. For a more urban commuter bag I think this would be better utilized with additional pockets to separate out your work items and as a day-pack I think the laptop sleeve would be better utilized as a water bladder holder with a tube slot. As a urban bag the side zipper would benefit from a security lock like some sort of webbing across the zipper making it a little more difficult for someone walking behind/beside you to just unzip the side and pull out items. This added security isn’t really needed if you’re out hiking, but if you’re commuting in a crowded area this could really save you.


Not for business purpose

Basically I enjoy this backpack! It is comfortable to wear - even on the bicycle - through the closure on the front shoulder straps. But for business use, I miss different functionalities like separate compartments for pens, business cards, notebooks, key fobs, etc. I got an advertising mail today - with the Premji Pack - think that would be the better backpack for business use - even if the closure on the front shoulder straps is missing for wearing it on the bicycle. Go ahead with your great idea!