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Threads of Love

Threads of Love

February is Love Month for us and we're celebrating by highlighting one specific fabric design.

India was the first sourcing trip we went on for Ethnotek back in 2010 and has a very special place in our hearts. It’s the support of our loyal tribe of customers over the past decade-plus that made it possible to keep orders flowing to our artisan partners in the villages of Bhujodi, Kandherai, Jambhudi and Varnora, and we’re forever grateful for that.


The India 11 textile design has an incredible story woven into it… Our head artisan, Shamji, received word from one of his weavers named Arjan Ramji that his two sons who were planning to learn how to weave and carry on the family tradition were offered jobs outside of the village at a nearby factory. 

Shamji then swooped in and offered the twin brothers the same salary that the factory offered to become apprentices of their father and him. They gladly accepted the offer and the fabric style that they learned to weave from was the India 11 design. This was back in 2015 and they’ve been weaving this design and many others ever since. 

The brothers and an increasing group of recruited young men and women similar to them are now the next generation of weavers.


In addition to the spirit of the magic-making young weavers of this textile design, the motifs that are woven into them have meaning as well. These are the Vankiyo and Damaru motifs. 


Our Vankar artisans in Bhujodi, India are a pastoral society and weave what they see in daily life. Vankiyo means wavy in Khaachi and is inspired by the wavy lines in the sand left from goats and camels as they urinate while walking and grazing. Cows and goats play an important role and are a primary source of nourishment to the community by providing milk daily.


Another meaningful motif woven into this collection is the Damaru, which is a musical instrument. It is seen tied to Shiva's trident and is used in ceremonies to create the sound of life sustaining cosmic energy.


We’re hugely honored to support this continuity of craft and culture, and if you’re feeling the love as well, please share this with friends and family to keep the good vibes flowing!

What better way to keep culture alive than to carry it with you on your everyday adventures.

Thanks all, and big love from the Ethnotek team!

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