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Camera bags and backpacks for travel

Our camera bags and backpacks for travel are our most high-tech bags in the lineup! The Raja camera backpack is for the semi-pro photographer with lots of gear. The Desa Sling is a compact shoulder bag for mirrorless and DSLR cameras. The Kota strap is made with cushy neoprene and has a secret stash pocket for a memory card.




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Camera bags and backpacks for travel

After a successful Kickstarter campaign to test the waters on our new ETK Optiks collection of camera bags and backpacks, we're now going live with them available to the masses here! And we say masses lightly because these bags are currently stocked in limited quantities. Some styles only have 20-40 pieces so swoop yours while they're still around!

Camera backpack for Travel

Starting with the superstar of the collection, the Raja Photo pack 30 Liter Camera backpack for Travel!!! This badass is a fully tricked out Camera and Laptop Backpack with the camera compartment stashed behind the interchangeable front panel. 

Camera backpack for Travel | Raja Photo pack 30 Liter

The laptop compartment in back fits 13-15" MacBook Pro and most 15" PC laptops. Raja has a built-in rain-cover to protect your gear from the elements and is waist belt compatible. See more detailed Raja specs and features...

Camera and laptop backpack

Sling Bag for Camera

Sling Bag for Camera | Desa Sling

Next in the lineup is the Desa Sling Bag for Camera! If you're looking for a colorful sling bag that is super protective of your camera gear but doesn't look like a traditional camera bag, Desa is your match! It's compact size accommodates most mirrorless camera bodies with extra room for one lens and various camera accessories.

Sling Bag for Camera | Desa Sling

Camera straps with memory card pocket

Last but not least, are the Kota Camera Straps! These colorful straps will amplify your personality and style, but don't skimp on quality or functionality. The underside is stretchy neoprene (the same material as wet suits), there's a hidden stash pocket for memory cards and the camera strap is adjustable to fit a variety of heights and body types. Available in a wide variety of colors & styles HERE!

Camera straps with memory card pocket | The Kota Camera Strap

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