Textile Variation

Signature of Handmade Textiles

One of the main reasons we started this business was to honor and celebrate the fact that through the partnerships with these amazing artisan villages around the world, we are ensuring that the handmade techniques are being passed on to future generations, rather than outsourced and replicated in factories. Hands from around the world have taken the time to share their art with you and have personally handled the special fabric on your bags- how cool is that?!

The techniques our artisans use have been passed on from generation to generation and from weaver to weaver, which means that if two different families are weaving a style they will have the same design, colors, and layout to work from, but will produce two slightly different end products- which is something we think deserves recognition!

Vietnam 5 & 6 Threads and bags are made from upcycled Hmong tribal skirts and each woman creates only two skirts per year. To support this incredibly time-consuming artform, we work with numerous artisans throughout the northern highlands of Vietnam. Every woman works with her own motif style and color pallet, and as a result, each and every Thread and bag is different than the next, meaning no one will have the same bag as you… pretty amazing, right?! The pictures below are only a few examples of the Thread designs and colors in the collection. The bag you receive will be slightly different than what is seen here.

If the bag or Thread you received isn’t what you expected, we will let you exchange it for another one within 30 days of purchase. Please note that the replacement bag or Thread will be just as unique as the first one, so that too will be an exciting surprise! Please reach out to support[at]ethnotekbags.com and our customer service guru will connect with you to make the exchange. (Customers are responsible to pay for their own shipping for exchanges and it may be completed only one time per customer).

We’ve created a quick walkthrough further explaining the variations and just how wonderful they really are!