Impact Report

Our favorite time of year has come, sharing the positive impact that the bag orders from our global community of customers has had with our partnering artisans. After we geek out and celebrate the numbers, we're stoked to share some exciting new developments with you to look forward to in 2021. Enjoy! 

    Big growth despite a difficult year

    We can all agree that 2020 was not an easy year, but that didn't waiver the support of our global community of customers. In fact, thanks to your amazing bag orders, which grew by 11.5% from 2019, we collectively financed $75,720.08 in fabric orders to the artisans, boom! 


    The styles you love

    Here's a breakdown of global sales by artisan fabric region. You all seam to really love India and Vietnam the most, with Ghana, Guatemala and Indonesia being next in line and with a fairly even split. When we as business owners see this, we recognize that we have more work to do to get the numbers up so the countries below 20% in volume can get a bigger and more balanced slice of the pie. There are many ways to do this and the best is to release new artisan fabrics from those countries, which we plan to, so stay tuned!


    Power in numbers

    Life-to-date, we've collaborated with the artisans to hand weave, batik stamp and embroider 60,219 meters of fabric, which equates to 6 Mount Everests stacked on top of each other! A truly mind-blowing accomplishment and we couldn't have done it without our global community of customers. You are the fuel in the rocket that keeps our shared mission blasting up to new elevations every year! Thank you isn't enough to describe the deep gratitude we feel for your support. 🙏

    Thank you!

    What's next?

    Now, how can we share the awesomeness that's going to launch throughout 2021 without giving away too much?! Let’s start with a shortlist to get that excitement going! 
    • New 15" Laptop Backpack: if you like the Anju Pack, you're gonna love this!
    • A new take on our flagship product the Raja Pack.
    • Reviving the original woven India fabric that sold out in 2011
    • Limited edition textile collection from Bali, Indonesia.

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