Mayan Star Collection

The Mayan Star Collection is one of our most wonderful and challenging projects to-date! During our last sourcing trip to Guatemala, we discovered this textile and absolutely fell in love with it! As we followed the thread back to its origin, over a period of three months, we found that only three artisans in Guatemala are still making this incredible design.

Lidia, Blanca & Alida

Hola, we are Lidia, Blanca and Alida and we are the creators of the extra weft woven Mayan Star textile featured in this Ethnotek bag. Our weaving workshop is in Comalapa, Guatemala and we create a maximum amount of 20 meters of fabric per month because these designs are so complicated and time-consuming. We are one of the only communities in Guatemala still weaving this motif and are thankful for your support in helping us keep it alive and teach our to younger weavers to carry it on.