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Design Perspectives - The Setia Pack

Hey tribe, as the holidays draw near, we have heaps of exciting new things that we've been waiting on the edges of our seats to share with you! You've given us such thoughtful feedback over the last year and we've listened closely. So, without further ado, we introduce, The Setia Pack !
Maybe you're one of our tribe members who has traveled the world with your big Raja Pack, or maybe you braved those urban commutes with the mid-sized  Wayu Pack - and for that, we salute you! Despite your rave reviews for those two packs, you said you also wanted a smaller pack - something perfect for your shorter journeys. You told us about dodging taxis in bustling cities as you rushed to work, and hiking up mountainsides on crisp fall mornings, and then your adventures took you on bike rides just as the clouds rumbled and rain poured down. Those adventures cried out for something smaller, lighter weight, and water resistant. So our Head Designer Jake went to work creating something with those escapades in mind and he's proud to introduce to you to his latest pack design in the below video... Enjoy!
Ok, lets meet another very important member of the Ethnotek team! A lot of you may already know Jennifer if you've called or emailed us to ask questions about our bags or to get help with your order... She's the super friendly one on the other end of the line and works her butt off to make sure you all have the best experience possible when interacting with us. Here's her take on the Setia Pack...

"Hi, I’m Jennifer Vogel! By now you’ve already seen our all-new Setia Pack, so I wanted to share my experience with it. It was the first time I visited Vietnam, when Jake and I were about to hop on a motorbike to commute to the ETK workshop where we combine our Thread fabrics with all the durable ballistic nylon, to create Ethnotek bags and backpacks.

We were gathering our laptops and other necessities, and Jake pulls out this really compact backpack. “Woah! Is that it?” I asked, “Yup, the new Setia…” Jake replied as he started packing it. Immediately I thought "you made it just for me!" it was the perfect size for me – I’m about 5’2” - and this backpack looked custom made for me. I was secretly wondering if we’d be able to carry everything in that one pack, or if we’d have to grab something else.

Jake filled it with our laptops, chargers, jackets, bananas and water bottle. We were off! Everything for our workday was contained in that backpack and we weren't weighed down. Now, if you've ever spent much time in Vietnam, you know how quickly the rain will sneak up, especially on a June afternoon. As we rode home that day the skies grew darker, we pulled off the road to quickly throw on our rain gear. Jake pulled out the Setia's built-in rain cover (which tucks away in it's very own pocket and remains attached) and we were back on the road.

Months later, back home in Los Angeles, I had a few Setia samples in the office. As coworkers and friends passed by the Setia I watched them respond just as I had that day in Vietnam. They'd try it on and say "This is the PERFECT fit!" The funny thing was it didn't matter who tried it on - short or tall, man or woman - each person felt as though it was made especially for them.

The word "Setia" means loyal, faithful, true, and trustworthy in Bahasa Indonesia. It's a fitting name for such a trusty pack, created to be your loyal companion for the day, or the weekend. In a way The Setia Pack has already earned it's name; it's been trustworthy on adventures and people love it like a loyal companion.


I’m excited for you to take it on your adventures and tell us about it! You can tag us on Facebook and Instagram @EthnotekBags."


Thanks, Jen! And thank you all again for your feedback that helped us hone in on Setia's design. Stay tuned for more holiday magic, now through January. We have something exciting to talk about and launch every single week.

- Tribe Scribe

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