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Ethnotek Raja Pack: Euro Adventure-Style

Ethnotek Raja Pack: Euro Adventure-Style

As you probably know by now, Team Ethnotek experiences some pretty gnarly and incredible (mis)adventures. Most recently, one of Team Ethnotek's Tribe Scribes traveled with her Raja Pack to the Czech Republic and Holland on a journey to make new friends and keep the old. And let me tell you, new friends were made and old friends were enjoyed over a conversation and some kava (that's 'coffee' in Czech for those of you non-native Czech linguists). From the City of 100 Spires (Prague) to a quaint fairytale town (Český Krumlov) to a land full of gorgeous canals, super-cyclists and tulips (Amsterdam), this Raja Pack soaked in as much Euro spirit and adventure it could. While in the Czech Republic, the Raja Pack sported its Printed-Ghana 6 THREAD, but for Amsterdam it took a change of pace donning its one-of-a-kind Peruvian THREAD, sourced while on a recent trip to the Amaru Village in the Pisac District of Peru.

Now, you're probably wondering if this feisty Raja Pack traveled alone. The answer is 'heck no!' - though this Raja is mighty brave and hella-feisty, it knows the travels are always best when shared with a fellow Raja. And so the story goes, it traveled with its fellow countryman, the Raja Pack boasting a Printed-Ghana 3 THREAD. That's right, folks. Two Printed-Ghana Raja Packs traveling together in Europe in all of their vibrantly-colored glory?! A force to be reckoned with, for certain. 

Without further ado (isn't this kind of a silly and formal saying?!), we invite you to join us on this visual journey from Prague to Amsterdam. Really. We mean it. Please relax, grab a cup o' joe and enjoy this Friday afternoon escape...

Printed-Ghana 3 THREAD Raja Pack making its way to a new home. In 'the jungle'. En route to Tribe member Mathias. 

What a journey well-worth it down to the Divoká Šárka jungle to Mathias and Carrie's settlement. What we know will be a long-lasting, meaningful connection was made! Mathias owns an independent group of you-really-must-stay-there hostels (Bohemian Hostels) in Prague - starting with Sir Toby's - and is currently working to open a sustainable hostel in Ghana (more to come on that in the future!). Mathias was so excited to meet his Raja Pack that he immediately dug up all of his Ghanaian goodies from his treasure chest, and then we all giggled. What a great guy to have in the Tribe! Thanks, Mathias! 

 Of course, Prague wouldn't have been complete without a ride on the Mimina/Babies by David Černý in Kampa Park. Weeee! Fun.

A trip to Prague wouldn't be complete without a Vltava river walk with a view of Karlův Most and the insanely charming Prague architecture.


Finally, Raja saw Prague at sunrise from the rooftop of Mosaic House (you should stay there!). I know...WHOA, right?! Pretty pretty.

Then Raja got all packed up and traveled to one of the most beautiful places in the world: Český Krumlov, to stay at its favorite hostel in the entire world (and hang with great friend Carolyn Zukowski): Krumlov House. Isn't Raja's Printed-Ghana THREAD hot?! So hot.

View from Fez (upstairs room) of Vltava River | Krumlov House

My favorite room, Fez | Krumlov House

With views like this, it's easy to see why Český Krumlov is special. It is - without a doubt - one of the most magical places on this earth. But...Holland is pretty special too, so let's go there now. Onward and upward...

After that, Raja decided it was time for a costume change, and Amaru Village Peruvian THREAD it was. Guess where Raja went first?! Duh. Iamsterdam it was. Afraid of heights! But, we made it nonetheless.

And, the canals were so stunning. This one is near the Anne Frank Museum.

Raja stayed in the Frederiksplein neighborhood of Amsterdam and totally dug it. A great neighborhood full of unique spaces and places: shops, restaurants and oh-so-yummy coffee stops, like Two For Joy Cafe where Raja enjoyed espressos galore. Mmm. Speaking of Kiboots.

While on a walk in the Frederiksplein neighborhood one morning post-espresso bliss, Raja came across an absolute hidden gem known as Kiboots. Swoon-worthy, like whoa! Kiboots was born when the dynamic traveler duo of Jovanna & Martijn were inspired by the mixture of leather and Kilim rug textiles during their travels. I know, right?! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Kiboots + Ethnotek = match made in heaven! We look forward to contacting them about future Kilim rug sourcing in Morocco - stay tuned. Okay, back on track. The owners felt that there was a lack of authentic, hand-made and affordable products in the fashion scene. They strive for more sustainability in fashion and feel the responsibility to set an example and see themselves as pioneers in the development of ecologically produced and fairly traded pieces in a mainstream fashion market. I know what you're wondering right now. The answer is yes, of course we had to buy a pair! Again, duh! Check them out! So fun.

Ciao for now, Amsterdam. Be back again soon.


That's a wrap, folks.

(at least for now...stay tuned for future Team Ethnotek adventures!)

Oh! I'll leave you with one more note, as this post takes us into the weekend. Remember to always live, laugh and love. 

John Lennon Wall | Prague, Czech Republic

Thanks for stopping by. Please do so more often. You're always welcome. But of course you should know that by now. 

Enjoy the journey! 

Tribe Scribe


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