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Getting Scrappy

If you read the last blog you know we've got some surprises up our sleeves this holiday season and here's one of em... Ladies and gents, meet the Padu Pouch. We made it just for your accessories - whether you want to store chargers and flash drives, or pens and pencils, or makeup brushes and eyeliner - the Padu Pouch will make it easy to keep everything in one spot.


Every day you inspire us by your commitment to do good in the world. You've shared your adventures both at home, and abroad, and we're stoked! You're resourceful, generous, and making a difference out there! 

As part of our Tribe, you know that Ethnotek shares your commitment! We are always looking for ways to decrease our environmental impact, and reduce waste wherever possible. Well, Founder and Head Designer, Jake was eyeing some extra fabric on hand (you may recognize these punchy prints and bold colors from our limited edition Threads) he started playing with the "scraps" and couldn't stop. Most companies would consider that waste, but not us. Your Ethnotek purchase has always supported the Artisans who create these incredible fabrics. We work closely with them and their communities so there's no way we could just toss out their hard work. There's beauty and function everywhere, even in the "scraps." Just like that a new product was born and the ETK workshop was busy making the most of handmade textiles from around the world.

Now here's the surprise: you can have the Padu Pouch for free. It's our gift to you this holiday season. We're serious! After buying any of our socially responsible products here at, tell your pals about us on Facebook or Twitter and it's yours. 

Our goal this holiday season is to welcome more like-minded humans to the Ethnotek Tribe. The more of us there are, the more good we can do in the world! So if you'd like to make a difference, employ artisans around the globe, and keep culture alive, tell your friends and family about our Tribe and we'll surprise you with a Padu Pouch! 


Thanks for inspiring us to make the most of things, hopefully create the best of things, and be a little "scrappy" along the way!

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