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Raja Pack Review

Raja Pack Review

Tribe member, Matt King, just took his Guatemala 4 Raja Pack on one heck of an adventure to Lombok. Not only did Matt put his Raja through it's paces, he talked about it as well. See his product review below...


Photo: Matt King in Lombok w/ Guatemala 4 Raja Pack


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This is the mother of all packs! I have had it for a while now and it sees me through everything and not once have I had a problem with it. From trips to uni, or the shops, to big weekends away or even big backpacking trips my ETK Raja has served me well.

The laptop compartment near the back protects it beautifully and allows easy access to it without going into the main compartment. The main part of the bag is big enough for just about anything with the roll top meaning it can be expanded further. There is also a divider which is good for keeping documents flat, as well as a small zip pocket for a few items (kindle touch fits perfectly). The side pockets are great for those small items and the one that allows quick access to the main part can be extremely useful!

As well as a great bag for organisation you of course look the part with your thread, which contains yet another handy pocket. Awesome bag made by some awesome people, definitely the best bag I have ever owned!


You rock Matt! Thank you so much for the great product review, it really helps your fellow Tribe members get a feel for just how tough and functional our bags are.

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