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The Dep Tote: Pack Your Bags, See The World

The Dep Tote: Pack Your Bags, See The World

Remember the gal on the homepage with the Vietnam 5 Dep Tote and rad, handmade Kiboots (we've written about Kiboots before)? And our "Pack Your Bags, See The World" t-shirt model? Yep, that's Hennessy. Not only has she modeled for us, but she's also a close friend of the Tribe and likes to rock not one but two Ethnotek bags in her everyday - and not so-everyday - adventures: the Indonesia 7 Dep Tote (she was a lucky gal to snag the only one we made!) and the Ghana 16 Raja Pack. 

Join Tribe Member Hennessy as she experiments with the space in her Indonesia 7 Dep Tote and shares what she packs in her bags when she jets out to see the world. 

The Indonesia 7 Dep Tote is my ultimate carry-on. Paired with my Ghana 16 Raja Pack, I can travel anywhere with confidence and worldly style.

Since I travel without a laptop, I store a magazine, book and my travel journal in the Raja Pack laptop compartment without worrying about them bending or ripping. The mesh zipper pocket provides secure storage for my wallet and allows easy access when necessary.

 The Dep Tote fits so much more than I even thought it would...but no matter how many books, bobble heads and cowboy boots I pack, the padded carrying handles do not dig into my shoulder!

I love how much the tote fits, but what I adore most is the craftsmanship. My eyes were drawn to the sunset colors and hand-painted batik fabric. This tote is like carrying around a piece of one-of-a-kind art on my shoulder. Thanks for the arm candy, Ethnotek!

Cheers for the review, Hennessy - we're so honored to have you in the Tribe!

Pack your bags, See the world! 

What's in your bag?

Tribe Scribe


P.S. Turns out the Tribe has some puppies on its roster too...Boga is lovin' Indonesia 7...pure doggie heaven! Boga, we dig you too.

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