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A Sneak-Peek: What's Up Our Sleeve

A Sneak-Peek: What's Up Our Sleeve

Something is brewing at the Ethnotek HQ! No, but seriously, it is.)...can you feel it?! The excitement has been growing - and overflowing - over the last few weeks as we've been prepping for a beyond-rad-and-meaningful campaign on the horizon (more to come on that). And you, our Blog/Facebook/Twitter Tribe followers, are the very first to know about it. So, join us and share the news loud and proud! 

Okay, okay...I know - the suspense is killing you, right?! It's killing us too. I really vowed I'd keep this a surprise, but for those of you who know me (which isn't the case for many of you - so I'd like to say, 'Hello, I'm the Tribe Scribe - nice to meet you, and welcome to the Tribe!'), you know I'm not the best at keeping surprises. I'm actually horrible at it. But the first step to recovery is admitting your shortcoming, right? Something like that.

So here goes. As some of you already know, we're kicking off a Kickstarter campaign in the not-too-distant future, where we'll release lots of cool new stuff, including Ethnotek tees, with a design from our man (and Tribe member) Ken from Anthem Heart that's just swoon-worthy. In fact, this past weekend we spent some time with some great members of the Tribe, snapping some shots of the new shirts for the upcoming campaign. When I said we had something up our sleeves, I meant it quite literally. 

Check 'em out...

Meet Hennessy, great friend of Ethnotek and member of the Tribe. Here she's sporting the ladies' cut yellow tee. We were so excited to get Hennessy involved with the shoot because there is a lot of mutual love between Ethnotek and Hennessy and she is a passionate, smart...not to mention HOT (right?!) gal. She's also a pretty mean athlete with some mad downhill ski skills. Stay tuned for future, on-hill updates with Hennessy as we're planning to head to the fame World Cup Birds of Prey Downhill in December at Beaver Creek with our Ethnotek packs to grab some footage. Pray for snow.


Check out our man, Shane - isn't he a dude?! Shane is a trick skater (Known as 'aggressive inline skating' back in the day - or is it still?! We don't know...we're so out of it. However, we're feeling nostalgic for the rails and quarter pipes that were once in our hayloft. I'm not happened.) and he has an uber-cool style and smile-to-die-for, doesn't he?! Here he sports the dudes' yellow tee. Shane is a new member of the Tribe and we're so happy to welcome him. We're looking forward to working with him in the future...both in the studio and on the rails.

Here's one of Hennessy and Shane, both sporting the black tees. Special thanks, also, to Suzie Brockman for taking some great snaps and keeping the mood light in the studio - we were so jazzed to assemble a great crew from our very talented group of friends here in Minneapolis. We're pretty blessed!

So there you have it. Big news. New product. An Kickstarter campaign (she'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes...). Updates from Founder and Bag Designer Jake in Vietnam. Inspiring Tribe members featured, who are doing very cool things around the world. This is going to be fun, guys. Thanks for hanging with us, and thank you for your excitement. It's what fuels us (other than espresso and Red Bull, of course:)). 

Stay tuned in the coming days for more news. In the meantime, get involved and spread the word

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Tribe Scribe

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