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Can you skip without smiling?

Can you skip without smiling?

Neither can we. In today's blog post, the Tribe Scribe asks y'all a very important question (okay, maybe it's not that important, but it's intriguing and starts our day off on the right foot - pun intended - nonetheless): can you skip without smiling?! 

This 'The Skip Around The World Project' was brought to my attention not too long ago from a good friend of mine (she's friends with the brilliant minds behind the project), and it immediately captivated me. Amazing how something so simple...that people often overlook...could be such a joyful act.

And so the story goes like all began with the friendly debate: Can you skip without smiling?

"We tried. And discovered that we couldn’t, at least not for long.

After some experimentation, we discovered that, not only was it difficult to skip without smiling—it was also difficult to observe someone skipping without smiling. So we thought, wouldn’t it be nice to encourage people all over the world to skip?

Thus, the Skip Around The World project was born."

The goal of the project is "To bring the joy that is skipping to the entire universe." It was  created "in hopes of spreading skipping and smiles around the planet—no, not just the planet—we're hoping aliens are watching us through high-powered telescopes and spreading it around the universe." Aliens?! Lofty goal, indeed - but it has already brought joy to our Ethnotek universe, and that's enough for us. We're inspired by the creativity of this group of people to think about something in such a different way. That notion gets us so jazzed, because it's why we do what we do at Ethnotek...we dig approaching the world with a different set of eyes and an open mind. 
With that, I encourage you to go ahead, let loose, and skip's sure to bring you joy. 
Join the skipolution and upload your video
Skip (and smile big) through your day, 
Tribe Scribe
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