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Ethnotek's Little Elves


Ethnotek's Little Elves


Ethnotek's Little Elves



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Ethnotek's Little Elves

Ethnotek's Little Elves

Every so often, the Ethnotek Elves (they're like Santa's elves, but even better...and slightly taller) like to make their way out into the community to surprise people. Last Wednesday night was one of these very sneaky and special occasions. On Wednesday nights, a dude (a 'dude' he is indeed) and his awesome band named Nicholas Mrozinski and The Feelin Band fill The Happy Gnome in St. Paul, Minnesota with their beautiful sounds and positive vibes. Does the name 'Nicholas Mrozinski' (aka Nicholas David) ring a bell?! That's because we wrote about him a few weeks back in the Our Tribe Has a Beautiful 'Voice' post. Yeah, he's legit.
As you may or may not remember, Nicholas is a local Minnesota musician, good friend of Ethnotek and member of the Tribe, and his voice is the voice behind our Ethnotek Travels video with his song, Live for Today from their 2008 album The Sacred Play of Life. Doesn't this tune just stir emotions up inside you?! When I first listened to it, I was beyond moved. The words are just gold: "I want to live each day, with all of my heart...I try to be a messenger of love..." So beautiful. And I continue to be moved. These are perfect words to hear on this Monday morning. What a great way to start off the week. Plus, there is no denying, this dude's got a voice. Dang. 

ETHNOTEK TRAVELS from Ethnotekbags on Vimeo.

So, last Wednesday was extra-special, because the Ethnotek elves had the chance to pop into The Gnome for a little surprise visit to bring Nicholas his Vietnam 4 Raja Pack. Here are the elves, marveling over Nicholas' voice while sportin' their own Ghana 6 Raja Pack.

Ethnotek + The Feelin' - getting closer to elf delivery of the Vietnam 4 Raja Pack

And...a successful delivery of Nick's Raja - check out the smile on his face. Love it! 

Check out/follow Nicholas and The Feelin Band on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Happy Monday from Ethnotek's little elves, 

Tribe Scribe

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