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ETK on top of the world

ETK on top of the world

Tribe member Joe Culhane just sent in this photo with his Ghana 7 Pack atop Multnomah Falls in Oregon and it was just too cool not to share! Joe is a proud father of a 4 year old whip smart future acrobat and is a member of non-profit 4-UP (4 Unity Project), which is founded by Medicine For The People. Joe is also rumored to be one hell of a freestyle walker. One more thing you should know about him is, if you plan on sleeping in and Joe is in the same house as a didgeridoo…… Lock the door! 
Thanks Joe for sending in this shot and for taking your ETK pack on some wicked adventures.  And to all you other tribe members out there, take a page from Joe's book and share your escapades, mishaps, and daily occurrences to inspire your fellow tribesmen to show just how far a simple bag can take you!

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