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Everyone has a story. What's yours?

Everyone has a story. What's yours?

Some of you may remember the inaugural Swag for Stories contest from August. The stories from our Tribe blew us away...but it was Lauren, Liz and Amanda that wowed us the most with their very authentic tales. 
For those of you who may not be familiar with Swag for Stories or our passion for the art of storytelling, we are collecting stories from our Tribe around the globe and weaving them together to create a Facebook mosaic of inspiration. Wherever our Tribe goes, now and forever, we'll be carrying word bubbles with us so you can share your story, and then we'll snap a pic. We won't always be giving away swag, but we'll always welcome your stories. Whether it is a story about a lesson learned, a (mis)adventure (travel or otherwise), a meaningful connection made, etc. - we want to hear it. 
This past weekend we spent time with the folks at Adventure MN Films for their Among the Wild Fundraiser. Not only was the weather a stunning 80 degrees fahrenheit, but we were in pretty good company too. Check out our Swag for Stories album for the stories we heard and the people we were lucky to have met this weekend. Special thanks to Brenda Piekarski of Adventure MN Films, for inviting us to hang with a bunch of rad outdoorsmen/women, and to be inspired by both her awesome Kickstarter campaign success and the lovely work she is doing in an effort to get Minnesota on the map as an adventure hotspot. We dig it. And we dig her. 
Check us out, hanging at the event...
So, without further ado, we'd like to announce our winner from the Among the Wild Fundraiser Swag for Stories contest...
Okay, fine - no drum roll. I can do it without a drum roll then. 
THE WINNER IS: GRAM! Gram's inspirational story of a close-call-climbing-accident made us cringe and filled us with joy at the same time. Best part?! He didn't let the accident keep him from doing what he loves: climbing. Thank you for sharing your story, Gram:
"A beautiful day of trad climbing in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky turned tragic for me when, at 60ft up, I fell, pulling out three pieces of gear before hitting the ground. I broke three bones in my ankle and the left wings of three vertebrae. I landed between two rocks, and was lucky to 'walk away.' It took the rescue crew five hours to get me to the ambulance that took me to the helicopter. 

I'm still climbing. I'm a smarter climber now. I'll never stop climbing. I'm lucky to still be able to. 

-Gram Parker, climber"
We're always looking to hear your tall tales, whether or not it's Swag for Stories time. Here's how to share your story with us: 

1. Write down your story (we've used word bubbles, but feel free to think outside the bubble)
2. Snap a pic
3. Post to Ethnotek bags' FB wall (make sure to tag yourself!)
4. Share with your friends 
Happy Storytelling!
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