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Getu See More

Getu See More

Our Tribe sends it!!!

This week's proof of that is a story from our friend and fellow Tribe member Andrew Seymore. We like to think of his last name as being spelled 'SeeMore' because this dude does exactly that. He works hard as a High School teacher in Saigon, Vietnam and with what little free time he has, he dedicates it all to seeing is short people, and I think we all can take a page from his book in how to maximize free time as free people should. 


Andy surveying the ominous with Raja & VaRuna.

Andy is friends with Ethnotek Founder and Design Shaman Jake. When Andy told Jake about the climbing spot in Getu China that opened up a couple years ago, Jake was pumped to get a bag on his back to see how it would hold up on a real deal climbing adventure. Jake prefaces, "these are laptop bags man. They're designed for the urban commuter, but the feature set and materials we use are tough as hell. So who am I to say what the bags can or can not do. Go use it as a crag bag. Let's see what happens. We might learn something along the way." Here we go ya'll!

Mr. SeeMore's kit for the adventure was a Vietnam 5 Raja Pack, Vietnam 4 Cham Thread and a VaRuna Raja Raincover. Are you excited to see what he gets into yet? We are!!


Andy & friends on the approach to the Getu climbing area by foot. Rockin the Vietnam 4 Thread on Mr. Raja. Safe first day of climbing bro!

The approach continues by long-tail boat and we get our first glimpse of the arches.


Ok, let's talk to the dude himself...

Jake [Q]

Hey brother, can you pass on a few words about the area, your experience and how the bag held up?

Andy [A] 

"The verdict: this will remain a tucked-away treat for avid climbers and intrepid travelers for a good while to come."

Pitched as “rugged” and “mysterious” in the guides, Guizhou province has all the adventure you grow to love and dread while traveling in China. Three plane rides and three busses got us from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Getu China. Our reward was $3 a night rooms, $.50 beers and a climbing sanctuary that’s one of a kind.  

Andy getting fresh on the first day after a long journey.

In the fall of 2011, Petzl climbing company “opened up” Getu with a well publicized trip, full of all-stars and world class routes. The magazines followed suit and now it’s on the map. The climbing reflected the area itself: unique, imposing and huge potential for development. 

Vietnam 5 Raja, on quick draw.

Homestay, cheap brews, new friends and family made. High fives to that! Andy's homie Kyle Bene making meaningful connections.

Inside the arch, we discovered what everyone had been talking about. In the only extensive write-up on the Getu area, Dennis Diaz gives a lyrical account of climbing in the arch: “Deep, shadowy scoops in the limestone give the area an uncommon feel and unfamiliarity. Climbing up these lines looks like trying to scale up giant bees’ nests in search of golden nectar.” 

Vietnam 4 Raja Pack, Getu China.

My Ethnotek Raja pack was a perfect companion on the trip. Easy to pack light and stow as a carry-on bag.  It was also large enough to fill up for full days at the crag, easy to secure the load. Very comfortable even on long approaches.

Crag bag after-all.

China has another newly-developed area, Liming, in the Yunnan province. It’s the only rock climbing in eastern Asia that boasts “splitter” red sandstone crack climbing just like you’ll find in the deserts around Moab.  If you get there first, let us know how it goes!"

-Andy Seymour


And that right there is exactly what we're talking about Tribe! A story shared, meaningful connections made and a call to action. Not from us, from your fellow Tribe member. If you get out there yourself - and we know you do - let us know. Share your stories and photos on Instagram (ethnotekbags), Facebook (ethnotek), and/or Twitter (ethnotekbags), or shoot Tribe Leader Megan an email at megan(at)ethnotekbags(dot)com. We'd love to feature you next and show the Tribe the kind of adventures you take your Ethnotek bag on.

From all of us at Ethnotek, thank you. Together we can keep culture alive!

Here is the full Getu experience from the Petzel lens. WARNING: it's a time consuming experience watching, but if you make the time, we promise your life will be better for it. Thank you Petzl, for doing your part in keeping culture alive.

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