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Introducing: Tribe Member, Mehdy + The Hostel Life

Introducing: Tribe Member, Mehdy + The Hostel Life


We are beyond-excited to announce our collaboration with Mehdy Ghannad, from The Hostel Life. Mehdy has been a friend of the Ethnotek crew for quite some time, and as backpacking travelers ourselves, we back his mission 110%. 'What is The Hostel Life?' you may ask? Allow me to explain. 

The Hostel Life is an international backpacking adventure with an aim to break down cultural stereotypes and educate citizens about how they can see the world on a budget. Yeah, I can read your're thinking 'Whoa, cool - so it's all about backpacking and breaking down cultural stereotypes, and Ethnotek is all about celebrating and promoting world culture through a functional storytelling vessel in the form of a backpack. Yeah. I get it.' It's such a perfect, natural fit that it needs no further explanation.

But, just because we dig his mission so much, here's a bit more about The Hostel life crew

We are an eclectic bunch of open-minded, adventure-seeking travel junkies, looking to spread the word of backpacking and the joys of staying in hostels. Once we stepped outside our individual comfort zones and into the big and welcoming unknown, we never looked back. We want to take you along with us as we backpack around this wonderful world to help give you a better understanding of why we love this way of travel so much. We at The Hostel Life are here to show you how to bring out the best in yourself by doing something extraordinary like traveling the globe.

Without further ado, we'd like to officially announce that Ethnotek is the new backpack sponsor for The Hostel Life. Mehdy has been sporting his Guatemala 1 Raja Pack and Vietnam 3 Acaat Messenger on his everyday adventures and has initiated his weekly giveaways through his Facebook page, blog and Twitter. The giveaways feature our 'Pack your bags. See the world.' tees (a very apt message for Mehdy's audience, designed by Tribe member Ken Hannigan from Anthem Heart), Rough Guides, and an array of product from like-minded, socially-responsible organizations. 

Check out Mehdy's blog post to learn more. Participate in the weekly giveaways, and you'll be entered to win your very own Ethnotek Raja Pack or Messenger Bag!

We're inspired on this Friday, and we have the itch to travel. Thanks, Mehdy and the Hostel Life, for fostering this itch. 

Adventure is not a walk in the park. Travel like a pro. 

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