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Our Tribe Has a Beautiful 'Voice'

Our Tribe Has a Beautiful 'Voice'

What a week it's been for us...and it's only Wednesday! So much excitement (and so much more to come in the coming weeks - stay tuned for more on that!). 
First, we launched our Facebook Raja Pack Giveaway (thanks to all of you for spreading the good word, by the way), and then Tribe member and good friend of ours, Nicholas Mrozinski (aka 'Nicholas David') performed on NBC's The Voice and crushed it! 
End result: Team Ceelo. Check out Nick's rendition of 'Stand by Me' - we love his authenticity, character, and - of course - the Minnesota shout-out at the end! As Ceelo said, "Unique voice...turned around...unique unique coach - exceptional combination." Yeah! 
I bet you didn't know this, but Nick is the musical genius behind the song in our Ethnotek Travels video. We are so proud of this dude, and thankful he is a part of the Tribe.  
ETHNOTEK TRAVELS from Ethnotekbags on Vimeo.

We are constantly reminded of the talented people in our Tribe, and inspired by all of you. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration for us. 

Follow Nick and his journey on The Voice. 


The Tribe Scribe

P.S. Remember to spread the Ethnotek word on Facebook - when we reach 2,000 fans, we'll give away THREE Raja Packs! 

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