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Shop Consciously: Support Brands Helping the Planet and People.


Shop Consciously: Support Brands Helping the Planet and People.


Shop Consciously: Support Brands Helping the Planet and People.



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Shop Consciously: Support Brands Helping the Planet and People.

Shop Consciously: Support Brands Helping the Planet and People.

Shopping consciously is something that is incredibly important to us, not only as a brand but also as individuals. 

Even if you buy just one person a gift this year that is sustainability made, has a positive environmental impact, and well-being for others in mind, you are making a positive impact. Small changes matter! There is a shift happening in our world and as a collective species, humans are becoming more aware of their impact, and that is incredible! 

We've rounded up some brands and organizations we think are rad and also really hitting the nail on the head for being eco-friendly and conscious companies from the inside-out. 


1. Indosole is creating big waves by taking old and used tires and creating killer shoes and sandals. Providing Soles with Soul!

2. Teysha shares a similar vision to Ethnotek. They work with artisans in Guatemala that are creating beautiful textiles and applying them to their boots. Another cool thing: you can design your own!


3. Brush with Bamboo is a great little company who makes eco-friendly toothbrushes from bamboo! 

Brush with Bamboo

4. Base Project is another wonderful company partnering with artisans beginning in Namibia and spreading across the globe, by employing them to create bracelets made out of discarded plastic pipe.

The Base Project

5. Bureo is fighting pollution and waste by using fishing nets pulled from the ocean to make skateboards and sunglasses! We had a great time pairing up with them in our Kickstarter campaign!

Bureo Skateboards

6. Ten Tree is doing amazing things with their business model by planting ten trees for every product sold. How amazing is that?! 


7. Simply Straws is a glass straw company that provides a sustainable alternative to plastic in addition to donating a percentage of their profits to different organizations depending on which color straw you buy.

Simply Straws

8. Coala Tree helps limit their impact on the environment by using alternative and sustainable fibers in their clothing and gear and also actively donates a portion of their profits to different organizations. 


9. Yellow Leaf Hammocks has created a business relationship with artisans around the world to weave their hammocks. Purchases of each product help to continue creating the demand for the art of weaving!  

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

10. Krochet Kids is doing their part to fight poverty in countries by employing artisans to weave their beautiful products. The best part is seeing their signature on the tags of every product they make!

Krochet Kids


1. 5 Gyres is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that empowers action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, art, education, and adventure.

5 Gyres

2. 1% for the Planet builds, supports and activates an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. By doing this, it also helps you discover which brands are giving back to the planet.

1% For the Planet

3. Plastic Pollution Coalition is a growing global alliance of organizations, businesses, and thought leaders working toward a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals, and the environment.

Plastic Pollution Coalition

4. POW - Protect Our Winters is a passionate crew of diehards, professional athletes and industry brands mobilizing the outdoor sports community to lead the charge towards positive climate action. Specifically with regards to the impact on winter sports.

POW - Protect Our Winters

Have fun checking out these brands and organizations, and make sure to leave a comment with your own favorite conscious brands so we can learn more about them!

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