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Technology Checklist for the Traveler

Technology Checklist for the Traveler

Technology checklist for the traveler

Have you ever been on an adventure and forgotten something important, like a phone charger? These days we all have smart phones; we all have a camera or two; however, it may be hard to know what is best to take when traveling?

That depends on how you are traveling: by car, plane, foot? International or domestic? Short-term or long-term?

Asking yourself these questions will help you with knowing what to pack. To get you started, we have rounded up some technology essentials for any type of travel, destination or type of traveller!

Check out our list and then let us know if we missed anything!

International power converter  Depending on where you are traveling, the voltage may differ from your own country. Snag an international power converter to make charging hassle-free!

USB power strip – this makes sense if you have more than two USB devices you wish to charge.

Technology checklist for the traveler

Backup batteries with USB power - we constantly use our smartphones to take photos, shoot videos, post to social media, look up directions, and more. Making sure you have a way to charge these devices while you are exploring or hiking around is crucial, so take one or more backup batteries to charge your devices.

Technology checklist for travelers

A travel case for accessories – We suggest having something like a Dep Sleeve for a tablet and a Padu Pouch for organizing your cables. Our founder, Jake, uses about six Padu Pouches to keep his cables, external hard drives, and memory cards organized! Having your cables all in one place is super efficient and makes packing or locating them quite easy.

Tripod(s) – if you are traveling alone, your tripod can be your photographer! Depending on what type of camera you have, there are heavy-duty travel tripods for DSLR cameras, or smaller light-weight tripods for phones and smaller cameras.

Technology checklist for the traveler

Backup hard drive or Cloud storage – Of course, you’ll want to backup the photos you take while traveling, right? In case your camera or computer gets stolen, be sure to take a backup hard drive with you, but make sure don’t carry it with you when you are out and about. Lock it up at your hotel/hostel, and backup as often as you are adding new photos.

Did we miss anything? What items do you absolutely have to pack no matter what? What have you regretted not packing on your travels? Share in the comments – we would love to know!

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