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The (mis)adventures of Jake & Josh

The (mis)adventures of Jake & Josh

Tradeshow season has begun for the tribe and excitement abounds! This time around, it's our first crack at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City Utah. Did we do it the easy way?...Nope, we travelled to the show the same way we travel to source our THREADS... The most adventurous way possible!

Mayhem ensued, meaningful connections were made, transportation broke down, Jackalopes stole bags, we rode dinosaurs and finally after a long weary journey, made our way to the big show. Be sure to tune in to our "Swag for Stories" project where we'll be giving away free limited edition gear that could have your very own travel story on it. More on that, later this week. For now, check out the (mis)adventures of founders Jake Orak and Josh Linde with the help of their trusty team-awesome companion, Aaron Fryman..... Enjoy!

But first, before we leave, what kind of goodies should we handmake for the show? 
How about some lanyard/ keychains hand sewn by Co-Founder Josh Linde's Mom Penny using recycled THREAD fabric? Yup!

Hand printed ETHNOTEK tee shirts, yup!


Bamboo USB flash drives, yup yup YUP!
Okay, crew goods made, the van is packed and it's time to hit the road. 5am, Minnesota 7-29-2012
Exhaustion vs. excitement, round one.
Roaaaaads. Jake laughing at Aaron's seed eating, mad driving and macho man randy savage impressions, Oh YEEEAH!
Sinclair gas up, Aberdeen South Dakota.
Josh making friends in Aberdeen.
Badlands pit stop: Josh checks inventory, Aaron does yoga, Van Morrison takes a rest... Yes, we named our van 'Van Morrison'.
Not sure what to say about this.
Sunset, somewhere in Wyoming.
Sunrise breakdown.... Van Morrison calls it quits and Jake calls a tow truck. Good morning Rock Springs!
New ride a few hours later.... Back on the road again!
Finally we arrive in Utah, but the work must continue. Jake taking shots for the new Daypack Launch.
The next day 7/31, booth assembly. Jake and Aaron about to drop the banner. Note the split ladder stance.
Booth complete. Now queue the people so we can sell some bags and employ some artisans!
Stay tuned for daily updates from outdoor retailer and details on how to get involved to win free swag and get your own travel story on some bags. Gooooo OR!
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