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Tribe Hangout at Moksha Yoga

Tribe Hangout at Moksha Yoga

I went to Moksha yoga tonight for a Hatha Yoga class at 9pm. Kitty was teaching. Moksha has a vibe about it. Something special. A rad space. Philly D, the owner, has become a friend in the few short months we've known him. He lives out the Moksha mission so authentically and when you find that in a fellow small business, it's refreshing. Moksha has 7 pillars...a set of ideas and philosophies they aim to live by as a community, and you can feel that. The 7 pillars are: Be healthy, Be accessible, Live green, Sangha support, Reach out, Live to learn, Be peace. Dig it.

In class tonight, Kitty talked about the difference between realization vs. knowing something. Knowing occurs in your mind. Realization is something you can feel with your whole heart...and your whole being. This spoke to me as I was thinking about our upcoming collaboration with Moksha, as well as the work we do, which is centered around our partnering artisan villages. Being a small business owner is not easy, but when it gets rough we remind ourselves and each other to step away, take a deep breath and remember what we're here for - something so far beyond us. We're here to keep culture alive. That is a realization. We feel this with our whole being. That is special. Thank you to Philly D, Kitty, and the whole Moksha staff for a much-needed practice tonight. Stoked for the collaborative party on Saturday at Moksha - it's going to be off the hook!


Where: Moksha Yoga, Mpls 3252b W Lake Street
When: Saturday, September 7, 2013, 5-8pm
What: DJ, spoken word poetry, silent auction (with Limited Edition Artist Series sneak-peek) for Amnesty International, Ethnotek bags for sale and good vibes galore! 

What else? 

Our very own Josh, aka Co-Founder and Logistics Guru, and Megan, aka Tribe Scribe, aka, Marketing Oracle, aka, Smile Creator, will be hosting a short talk around 5:30pm about the importance of being a socially responsible consumer and global citizen. If you can only pop by for a minute, make sure it's for this. Laughter, goosebumps and tears usually ensue when these two amazing people share their genuine passion for our mission.

Those dedicated members of the Tribe who make it to the event will get a sneak peek at a very special project that we've been working on. These goodies will be shown for the first time only at this event, but the entire collection will launch in October. Here's a pre-event teaser: it's a collaboration with a US-based artist and the finished product will be friends with the Raja Pack. 

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Spread the Tribe vibes and bring a friend!

Keeping culture alive, 

Tribe Scribe 

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