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Tribe Travel Inspiration

Tribe Travel Inspiration

Today (and everyday, really) we're inspired by the differences in culture around the globe, travel, adventure, connections, exploration, and time spent with the one and only Mother Nature. We were stoked to have been reminded of this as we were featured on REI's instagram page for their REI 1440 Project, whose goal is to "fill each and every minute of this "virtual day" (all 1440 of them) with photography representing our collective love of outside." So I thought I'd share a little inspiration with the Tribe today. 
Our Tribe lives for adventure and experiencing culture...authentically. As a Tribe, we share stories with each other of travels near and far - travels to the market and travels to Machu Picchu. Because we approach each opportunity with an open mind and positive vibes and we let adventure in. In fact, we welcome it with open arms. We love the butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling of anticipation and excitement right before embarking on another journey. Curious as to whom we'll meet and what we'll see, smell, touch, taste...curious about it all. At times, we even seek out the uncomfortable, because we know we'll emerge from the discomfort with self-growth. And good stories to tell. Travel makes us feel whole. It makes us feel alive.
That said, it's pretty evident why this video of two cool chicks hitchhiking to Guatemala inspired us, filled us with emotion and left us feeling all stirred up. You know what that's's that 'I have to get on the road again' feeling that won't go away. No matter how many experiences you have. In fact, the more experiences, the stronger the stir. This doesn't go away. And, I'm feeling it pretty deep in the pit of my stomach after watching this...go ahead, take a look-see. Be warned: you'll feel it too. 

AWAY! Two girls hitchhiking to Guatemala. from Marissa Rivera Bolaños on Vimeo.

Special thanks to our banner printer Joe Sodomka, who shared this video with us - proving once again that connections are made for a reason and our Tribe is intentional and powerful. Our mission to keep culture alive resonated with him, and he shared this video with us, as his daughter is one of these awesome chicks. How cool is our Tribe?! Ever-inspired. 

The sunshine is shining down on  you. The opportunity to travel and prove to yourself and the world that it (the world) really can be smaller and more connected is right in front of you. It's time to fly.

Never stop exploring...

Tribe Scribe

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