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What to Know for Your First Solo Trip


What to Know for Your First Solo Trip


What to Know for Your First Solo Trip



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What to Know for Your First Solo Trip

What to Know for Your First Solo Trip

Solo travel tips

So, you’re preparing for your first solo trip!

Whether you are taking off to Europe for a few weeks, or just heading out on the road for the weekend, traveling alone can be scary, exhilarating, lonely, enlightening, and more. That being said, many people have come up with their best ideas while traveling alone - just like our founder, Jake, did while he was on a solo motorbike trip in Vietnam, he came up with the idea for Ethnotek!

Solo travel tips

There is always a matter of safety while you are enjoying your travels solo, and there are also ways you can make your time more enjoyable if you find yourself lonely or even bored. We have some tips for all situations that you might come across while on your solo adventure!

Tell someone your plans

It may be obvious to many, but letting a friend or family member know what your itinerary will be is a good way to stay safe. You can even establish “check-ins,” so that if someone does not hear from you after a certain amount of time, they should probably reach out to you and make sure you're ok!

Check cell phone coverage before you head out

Checking whether or not you will have service can be extremely helpful, especially if you need to do work while on the road like many digital nomads out there. There are websites in addition to your cellphone provider that show coverage, so that you can prepare accordingly. There are also hotspots you can take along with you that can give you a signal boost if you absolutely need it!

Pick places in advance you would like to see - or don’t

It all depends on what type of traveler you are and where you are going. Sometimes walking around a new city alone, with no plans can make for an incredible day! Other times, it’s good to plan out some stops to make the most of your time.

Solo travel tips

Find out where other travelers might be hanging out

If you’re in a city, there might a hub where other travelers or expats hang out. There are so many websites and apps that help travelers meet each other, and it can be a nice break from traveling alone to find new friends to get to know!

Take a journal!

Whether or not you are a writer, journaling your travels is something your future self will thank you for doing. You can write as much or little as you want, but it’s a cool feeling to be able to open up a journal a few years later and read something you totally forgot about - only to be transported back!

Solo travel tips

What have you learned while traveling solo? Share your experiences or extra tips in the comments!

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