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What To Pack for a Weekend Trip


What To Pack for a Weekend Trip


What To Pack for a Weekend Trip



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What To Pack for a Weekend Trip

What To Pack for a Weekend Trip

Adventure Checklist 

Who doesn't enjoy a quick weekend trip? Often times, a two or three night getaway is just what the doctor ordered to refresh your mind and it’s always fun to experience a new place.  

It’s also easy to overpack or underpack when you are not going to be gone for long. So, we’ve made it easy, and broken things down into warm weather and cold weather packing!

Warm weather packing essentials

Warm Weather Checklist:


  1. T-shirts, tanks, and shorts. TIP: roll these guys up and stuff them inside your shoes to make for more packing room!
  2. Swimsuit of course! You never know when you might need one.
  3. Sandals + a couple pairs of comfortable shoes. If you’re taking a dressy outfit, be sure to snag a nice pair of shoes too.
  4. light jacket - just in case. Some places can be nice and sunny during the day, and then get a bit chilly at night.


  1. Toiletries - you know what you need here! The only extra thing you might want to be sure and take is sunscreen. Just throw those puppies into a Padu Pouch and you’re set!
  2. Technology - cameras, computers, etc. and in addition to your normal chargers, we suggest having a backup battery which comes in super handy! Our phones can die so quickly when traveling because we are on them capturing our exciting adventures and sharing with friends and family.

Winter Packing Essentials

Cold Weather Checklist:

In addition to everything above, we also suggest the following for cold weather travel:


  1. Layers, layers, layers! You can always use more or less in cold weather - it all depends on just HOW cold it is!
  2. winter coat.
  3. Wool socks to keep your toes nice and toasty.
  4. Beanie or other warm headgear - if you’re traveling somewhere windy, having warm ears is essential!
  5. GLOVES. Have you ever left your gloves at home? They are the difference between, “I am having so much fun!” and “Hey there pinky finger - I can’t feel you. Are you still there?”
  6. BOOTS! Or some form of second pair of shoes since walking through snow and puddles is super unpleasant :)


  1. Toiletries - hand lotion might be worth packing if you normally travel without it, because coldness can also mean dryness. Keep those hands nice and smooth! Same goes for lip balm!

Did we leave out anything you can’t leave home without? Comment and let us know!

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