Reviewers rock!

Our community is stronger than ever because we support one another and is why we're calling on you to help inform future Ethnotek customers about our awesome bags! If you own an Ethnotek and love it (or even have things you don't love) we want to hear from you, well actually, we want to SEE YOU! If you submit a video review of your bag(s) we'll ship you a free Ethnotek Keychain, which is only available to reviewers! We're also looking to recruit long term reviewers through this process who are keen to review products as we release new bag designs each season. If this sounds up your alley, scroll down for more details. 

Above is an example of how your video review could be. Haha, we said to Jake (the dude who designed the bag), quick, pretend you're a customer and do a review of the gear you're carrying right now! He was embarrassed, but happy to oblige. 🤪

How it works:

  1. Film a video using your phone walking through the features you love about your bag and the Ethnotek brand in general. (Criticism is welcome too, but please be nice). 
  2. Upload the video to Youtube or any cloud service you currently use and email us the video link to: hello @
  3. In the same email, provide your full name, mailing address and phone number, so we can ship your FREE KEY CHAIN!
  4. We'll reply with a thank you, virtual high-five and tracking info for your free key chain!

Video Notes:

  • Film the video in landscape (horizontal format).
  • 4K or similar HD quality video in 16:9 (1920 x 1080 px) MP4 file preferred.
  • Use a tripod or stand the phone on something for stability.
  • Film in an environment that's quiet and has good lighting
  • GET CREATIVE, we'll award the most creative video with a FREE BACKPACK!
  • You can submit as many videos as you'd like. If you own many Ethnotek bags, we'd LOVE if you sent a video for each one, go for it!

How the videos will be used:

  • Some (not all) videos will be featured in the reviews section of our website and possibly on the product page of the bag you're reviewing. It's also possible that we'll show this review video in our social media feed and ads.
  • By submitting a video, you're confirming that you're ok with the video being used in these ways. Thanks!

How do I become a long term product tester?

Submitting your review video automatically applies you to become a long term Ethnotek Bag tester. We'll pick the most creative, sparkly, fun and informative videos to become a part of our internal testing team. We'll send you new bags every year to test and create more awesome videos together. 

    If you have any questions, drop us a message and we'll help ya out. Otherwise, happy filming, we can't wait to see you!

    - the Ethnotek team