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  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam5-navy-blue-artisan-fabric  - vietnam-5 aktive-vietnam
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-artisan-fabric
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala1-multicolor-artisan-fabric
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india11-red-artisan-fabric
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india11-red-vegan
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india11-red-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india11-red-back-pocket
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india11-red-big-storage-compartment
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india11-red-unisex
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india11-red-waterproof-base
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-back-pocket
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-big-storage-compartment
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-unisex
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vegan
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-waterproof-base
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala1-multicolor-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala1-multicolor-back-pocket
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala1-multicolor-big-storage-compartment
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala1-multicolor-unisexgutemala-1
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala1-multicolor-vegan
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala1-multicolor-waterproof-base
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala4-teal-green-artisan-fabric
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala4-teal-green-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala4-teal-green-back-pocket
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala4-teal-green-big-storage-compartment
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala4-teal-green-unisex
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala4-teal-green-vegan
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-guatemala4-teal-green-waterproof-base
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india8-black-and-white-artisan-fabric
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india8-black-and-white-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india8-black-and-white-back-pocket
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india8-black-and-white-big-storage-compartment
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india8-black-and-white-unisex
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india8-black-and-white-vegan
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india8-black-and-white-waterproof-base
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india14-blue-and-white-artisan-fabric
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india14-blue-and-white-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india14-blue-and-white-back-pocket
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india14-blue-and-white-big-storage-compartment
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india14-blue-and-white-unisex
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india14-blue-and-white-vegan
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-india14-blue-and-white-waterproof-base
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam5-navy-blue-artisan-fabric
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam5-navy-blue-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam5-navy-blue-back-pocket
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam5-navy-blue-big-storage-compartment
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam5-navy-blue-unisex
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam5-navy-blue-vegan
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam5-navy-blue-waterproof-base
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-artisan-fabric
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-back-pocket
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-big-storage-compartment
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-unisex
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-vegan
  • Ethnotek-bagan-cross-body-shoulder-bag-black-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-waterproof-base
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Cross body shoulder bag | The Bagan

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Type: Cross body shoulder bag

The Bagan Cross Body Shoulder Bag is a funky satchel that's ideal for daily commutes

The Bagan Cross Body Shoulder Bag is a unisex lifestyle satchel that is worn over the shoulder and is designed to carry the essentials on your everyday adventures. A front zipper pocket is ideal for storing quick-grab accessories and has two built-in slip pockets for a phone, keys or sunglasses. The main compartment zips open to store enough items for a day trip out on the city or to the market. The base is lightly padded and made from water-resistant nylon to protect the contents of your bag from the wet or dirty ground when setting the bag down. The shoulder strap is adjustable to many lengths and is made from soft, shiny and durable nylon seatbelt webbing.

Vegan Cross Body Bag features:

  • Front zipper pocket with two built in slip pockets
  • Main compartment big enough to store items for a day trip out on the city or to the market
  • The back exterior of the bag has a snap-closing stash pocket
  • The inside wall of the main compartment has a mesh zipper pocket for safely securing small accessories that you don’t want co-mingling with the rest of the bag.
  • 840 denier ballistic nylon protective base
  • 38mm nylon seat belt webbing shoulder strap
  • Handmade Thread™ fabric exterior
  • YKK® zippers

Bagan Cross Body Bag Dimensions:

Bag size:
18.5” x 11.4” x 5” (47cm x 29cm x 13cm)
12 liters

Key Features

  • * Front pocket with built-in organizer
  • * Comfy & durable seatbelt webbing cross body shoulder strap
  • * Padded waterproof base to protect inner goodies
  • * YKK® zippers



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Great quality

I have had this bag in the Guatemala 4 fabric for 1 year. It gets used most days and its such good quality. I love the easy access pocket and the one with a zip to keep my stuff safe. Such a great product and I know it will last for many year to come.

Amanda W.

I love this bag so much

This is my third Ethnotek bag (not including the little coin purse and the accordion wallet). It’s such a great bag for both travel and running around everyday. My favorite thing is all the pockets. It’s so convenient to have all the little pockets within the front zipper compartment. The bag is wonderfully roomy and light, even after I’ve shoved a book and notebook in it. I got the Guatamala design (not sure which number, but the rainbow one), and the colors are beautiful. This is my absolute favorite everyday bag.

Meghan A.

Great Day Bag

I love my Bagan bag! Its the perfect size to take out for the day. I definitely recommend!!


Great bag

I love this bag. It’s great for daily use/work/travel. The pockets and compartments make it very functional and help my stay organized. The only downfall is my bag came with a noticeable quarter sized red stain on the fabric (I bought the black/white India fabric)


A great daily carry bag

I like the Bagan bag a lot. It’s got a great arrangement with the large main compartment, the front organizer compartment, and the small back compartment. The main compartment is perfect for carrying a small laptop or iPad and other basics. I like the back compartment as a place to stash easily accessible travel documents or a paperback. I wish there were a few hooks inside the bag. The Chaalo Pocket bag has a little hook inside which is great for attaching a strap with one keys. A couple of those in the main compartment and one in the front organizer would be great. I’m still switching between this and another bag as my daily carry bag, but I love the looks of the Bagan bag.