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  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-indonesia6-blue-pattern - indonesia-6 aktive-indonesia hover-indonesia
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala1-multicolor
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam6-blue-and-orange
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-indonesia6-blue-pattern aktive-indonesia hover-indonesia
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-indonesia6-blue-pattern-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-indonesia6-blue-pattern-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-indonesia6-blue-pattern-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-indonesia6-blue-pattern-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-indonesia6-blue-pattern-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-black
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-black-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-black-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-black-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-black-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-black-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-black-ventilation-mesh
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala1-multicolor-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala1-multicolor-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala1-multicolor-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala1-multicolor-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala1-multicolor-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala1-multicolor-ventilation-mesh
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala4-teal-green
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala4-teal-green-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala4-teal-green-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala4-teal-green-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala4-teal-green-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala4-teal-green-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala4-teal-green-ventilation-mesh
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india8-black-and-white
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india8-black-and-white-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india8-black-and-white-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india8-black-and-white-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india8-black-and-white-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india8-black-and-white-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india8-black-and-white-ventilation-mesh
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india11-red
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india11-red-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india11-red-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india11-red-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india11-red-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india11-red-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india14-blue-and-white
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india14-blue-and-white-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india14-blue-and-white-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india14-blue-and-white-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india14-blue-and-white-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-india14-blue-and-white-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam5-navy-blue
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam5-navy-blue-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam5-navy-blue-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam5-navy-blue-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam5-navy-blue-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam5-navy-blue-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam5-navy-blue-ventilation-mesh
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam6-blue-and-orange-ventilation-mesh
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam11
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam11-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam11-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam11-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam11-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam11-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-vietnam11-ventilation-mesh
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana22
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana22-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana22-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana22-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana22-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana22-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana22-ventilation-mesh
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana24
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana24-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana24-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana24-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana24-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana24-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana24-ventilation-mesh
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana25
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana25-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana25-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana25-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana25-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana25-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-ghana25-ventilation-mesh
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala8 aktive-
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala8-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala8-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala8-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala8-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala8-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala8-ventilation-mesh
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala9 aktive-
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala9-adjustable-strap
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala9-fits-ipad-books-headphones
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala9-hidden-pockets
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala9-roll-top-compartment
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala9-vegan
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-guatemala9-ventilation-mesh
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-aqua-bluevca-blue aktive-vca-blue hover-vca-gray
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-aqua-blue-adjustable-strapvca-blue
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-aqua-blue-fits-ipad-books-headphonesvca-blue
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-aqua-blue-hidden-pocketsvca-blue
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-aqua-blue-roll-top-compartmentvca-blue
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-aqua-blue-veganvca-blue
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-aqua-blue-ventilation-meshvca-blue
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-charcoal-grayvca-gray aktive-vca-gray hover-vca-blue
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-charcoal-gray-adjustable-strapvca-gray
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-charcoal-gray-fits-ipad-books-headphonesvca-gray
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-charcoal-gray-hidden-pocketsvca-gray
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-charcoal-gray-roll-top-compartmentvca-gray
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-charcoal-gray-veganvca-gray
  • Ethnotek-cyclo-cross-body-bag-charcoal-gray-ventilation-meshvca-gray
  • guatemala-6 -6 -6
  • guatemala-6
  • guatemala-6
  • guatemala-6
  • guatemala-6
  • guatemala-6
  • guatemala-6
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  • india-10
  • india-10
  • india-10
  • india-10
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Cross Body Bag for travel | Cyclo Travel Sling

Pick your style:
Guatemala 1
Guatemala 1
Vietnam 6
Vietnam 6
Indonesia 6
Indonesia 6
Guatemala 4
Guatemala 4
India 8
India 8
India 11
India 11
India 14
India 14
Vietnam 11
Vietnam 11
Vietnam 5
Vietnam 5
Ghana 22
Ghana 22
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Ghana 24
Ghana 25
Ghana 25
Guatemala 8
Guatemala 8
Guatemala 9
Guatemala 9
Guatemala 6
Guatemala 6
India 10
India 10

Type: Cross Body Bag

Minimalist cross body bag & festival fanny pack

The Cyclo Cross Body Bag design is an innovative new take on the classic bum bag and is ideal for the jet-setter
 or urban commuter that’s looking for a minimalist carrying solution where everything can be accessed quickly. Traveling with it is awesome! One aspect of the Cyclo Cross Body Bag that makes it so unique is its size. The Sling is scaled to fit passports, plane tickets and travel itineraries in the back zipper compartment and a long-sleeve shirt, books, tablet and headphones in the roll-top main compartment.

Name: Cyclo is the English spelling of Xich Lo (seek-low), which is a Vietnamese bicycle with a basket on front for carrying people or goods, similar to a rickshaw.

High-tech features & functionality

  • The Travel Sling main compartment rolls open and closed, for maximum access and storage volume.
  • Main compartment back wall has a built-in organizer containing a small document pocket, two stretch-mesh pockets and a pen slot.
  • Hidden zipper pockets on right and left side of the Sling for mobile phone, sunglasses and other quick-grab accessories.
  • 38mm nylon seat belt webbing shoulder/ waist strap with dual-adjusting buckle.
  • Padded air mesh back panel for increased comfort while wearing
  • Back zipper pocket for quick access to travel documents. Secure and hidden while wearing.
  • YKK® zippers


Bag size: 10.6” x 5.5” x 3.2” (27cm x 14cm x 6cm)
11 liters

Material composition:
Main exterior: Cotton
Lining: Nylon ripstop
YKK® zippers

Key Features

  • * Hidden pockets for quick-grab accessories
  • * Back zipper pocket for travel documents
  • * Converts from cross body to shoulder or waist bag
  • * YKK Zippers



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Ryan H.
United States United States

This turned into my EDC bag.

When I first purchased this bag I wasn't totally sure if I would like it. I looked at it for months before I finally to the leap and purchased one. All I can say is that I have no regrets with my purchase this is my everyday bag for when I travel and go to work. Fits my day to day use well but also works well as a camera bag when I'm out running around or when Im on vacation. The quality of the material is great and it gives a unique look as well. Shipped real quick which just made it that much better as well.

Laura T.
United States United States

Outstanding Cyclo Bag!

Beautiful craftmanship. Outstanding bag! I love the Vietnamese pattern! I have wanted an Ethnotek bag for a long time, and this one is perfect!

Juldie B.
United States United States

Love it!

This is my favorite bag right now. It is beautiful, versatile, and functional. I love the hidden side zips that allow access to parts of the bag without opening the whole thing. The padded pocket in the back is very useful as well. Would definately recommend and will be a repeat buyer.


Great Bag

I brought this bag as my purse/backpack on a 10-day trip to Portugal and it was perfect. It fit everything I needed to carry around (wallet, book, sweatshirt, iPad, phone, water bottle, and more) and has a special spot for your passport. Can’t wait to use it for concerts/music festivals. 10/10 would recommend.

Shaa'ista S.

I'm in LOVE

Omg! From first feel this bag is amazing! I have been wanting an Ethnotek bag for a while now and finally got the Cyclo on Small Business Saturday. It arrived yesterday (two days early) and I'm so impressed. The craftsmanship and quality are phenomenal. The bag feels sturdy but not heavy. The fabric and colors of the Ghana 25 are beautiful. My Galaxy S9+ fits perfectly in the side pocket and I like that the other side pocket is an alternative entrance to the main compartment for easy grab and go access. The inside even has some pocket organization with two smaller slots for headphones or business cards or a snack. Plus a pen or stylus slot. Love the lining of the back mesh panel pocket. Would feel safe placing my glasses there and hidden enough for your valuables. I'm seriously in love already. I cannot wait to wear it out. Very happy with my purchase. Bonus, the included Padu bag is larger than I thought! Thank you so for this great bag, I can't wait to support your efforts in the future. Will share on IG when I wear it out! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


My one and only travel bag

I really LOVE this bag. I take it with me where ever I travel. It has a lot of space but you can also make it really small. It is possible to Clip in a Little water bottel beween the bag ant the belt which goes around it, what I always do, when I travel to hot places. The Padded air mesh back Panel is one of my Favorite things of the bag. I always put my Money there and it feels very save but you also have a quick Access to it. I like to wear the bag cross Body and I like the adjustable seatbelt. When I feel unsave I just where it in front of me so I can always see it. The Ghana 25 style is so colorful and never boring!

Hillary R.

Great design

I really like the design of the bag, it is very comfortable to wear. The colors are so vivid and I have had many compliments on this bag. The only thing I would change is making one of the pockets with a security lining for credit cards to prevent identity theft for those that travel a lot. Other than that, it’s a fantastic bag!

Ruben V.

Super handy cross body

Love my Indonesia 6 Cyclo. Precisely fits my iPad Air which is perfectly protected inside the bag. Has some nice hidden pockets to store my wallet and phone. Using the bag together with a Raja 46 to travel the world. Love it! ❤️



I love Ethnotek bags. This is my second after kickstarter, had to come back for more. As for the Premji backpack it is very well thought out, love the way it grows fitting all I need and nothing gets lost. It is beautiful (Indonesia 6), sturdy and even my sons, that usually never care to even look at my bags, really liked it. So much that I had to come back here at Ethnotek and get more for christmas presents.

Craig g.

Great versatile bag.

I received this as a Christmas present and love it. I use it for hiking, as well as on my bike. Love the designs as well as the lightweight aspect


Lovely Adventurer Bag

This is my new favorite bag. In this bags main compartment there's a large pocket with two small sub pockets that help me keep my things organized. The zipper on the sides allow me to quickly access my gopro when I'm on the move. Each pattern is unique, so I was a little worried I wouldn't like the fabric but I like mine even more than the one pictured and it's only slightly different. I've gotten so many compliments on it, I can't wait to add more ethnotek gear to my collection.



Though there are both pros and a con, I love this bag! First the con: The slack webbing on the strap has to be straightened or flattened down just about each time I toss the bag over my shoulder. Other than that, pros: Dual access to main compartment makes it easy to access the item you knew you would need frequently. If that item didn't fit in the super accessible, cushioned side pocket that is strategically located on the side that sits on your body so pick picketing would be difficult. There's even a surprise gift in one of the pockets of the main compartment! The best part about the Guatemala 2 is it pairs beautifully with any ensemble, and is actually attractive as far as ***** packs go. 5 stars from me.


Love this bag!

Fabulous bag for everyday or special trips--used mine during a recent festival in my home town; comfortable to wear, easy to access my phone & wallet without feeling they were vulnerable to theft, and big enough to hold several small purchases. Plus, I got lots of complements ;)

Nathan W.
Australia Australia

good bag

arrived on time. looks good.

Jackie A.

Great bag

This bag was amazing, I loved it. I travelled for a month through Morocco, Portugal and Dubai with it as my day pack and it held up well, particularly on the treks and local public transport where it was easy to keep an eye on it. My only comment on the design and size is that the strap could be located higher up the bag to prevent it from tipping away from the body and could be a tiny bit bigger to accommodate a digital SLR camera.

Stephanie H.

Spacious for the size

During a recent backpacking trip we took a few "excursions" without our heavier backpacks and we used the Ethnotek Cross Body Bag to bring along snacks and extras. Some pro's of the bag were the large opening and sizable closure. Inside were a few different sized pockets for holding smaller items and a small side zip for quickly grabbing an item without opening the whole bag. The large 'seatbelt' looking strap could be held around the waist, ***** pack style, or cross body. For me the crossbody was a bit of an awkward fit. Being a woman the strap goes right across the chest and either smooshes you or divides you extravagantly. Wearing it as a ***** pack, it's a bit large so you wear it with the bag to the back and it works well. The unique styling of the bag design and the fabrics make this a fun bag to travel with. I always enjoy products that support artisans from other cultures and Ethnotek does just that.