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Unique carry on travel backpack | Raja 46 Liter Backpack

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Type: Unique Travel Backpack

A truly unique travel backpack for today’s digital nomad

The Raja Unique carry-on Travel Backpack, with a 46-liter capacity, is purpose-built for the daily commute, a weekend camping trip, and the occasional cross-continental journey of self-discovery. It’s built from 840-denier water-resistant ballistic nylon and has side zip pockets lined with handwoven fabric from our partnering artisans in the Cham village of Vietnam. The Raja Boho travel backpack is laptop compatible and fits 15” + 17” MacBook Pro & most 15” PC Laptops. The giant roll top main compartment gives maximum access and is lined with water-resistant rip-stop nylon for an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Name: Raja means ‘king’ in Hindi

Customizable Laptop Backpack

Are you looking for the best carry on backpack for world travel and daily use?

The Raja is a large and unique travel backpack that can be customized via the removable front panel called a Thread™. Each Thread™ is unique and created from handmade textiles that are sourced in person and purchased directly from the artisan or craft village in which they were created. We are continually scouring the globe to find unique textiles that embody the vibrancy and beauty of the people who create them and the traditions they represent. We release new Threads™ regularly, allowing you to update the look of your travel bag without having to buy a new one entirely. This puts a whole new meaning to changing your unique threads!

A carry on backpack with high-tech features & functionality

  • Water resistant 840-denier ballistic nylon main bag fabric.
  • Comes with interchangeable Thread™ front panel.
  • Right-side exterior slip pocket for maps and travel manuals.
  • Easy access pockets for passports, plane tickets, and cafe punch cards.
  • Right-side pocket is quilted and fuzzy tricot lined to keep gadgets safe from scratches.
  • Left-side stretch-mesh water bottle pocket zips open for easy access into main compartment. Front inside surface has slip pockets for sunglasses and pens.
  • Compression snap buckles attach the interchangeable Thread™ panel and tall items such as yoga mat, tent poles, tripod or a skateboard to the side of the bag vertically.
  • Laptop compartment zips open to fit 15-17" MacBook Pro and most 15” PC laptops.
  • Interior main compartment contains a document pocket for A4/ Letter sized magazines, papers and folders.
  • Interior Stretch-mesh zip-pocket scaled for your power-adapter and other accessories.
  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel keeps you comfortable while air-mesh keeps the wind at your back.
  • Back panel has a pass-through on the bottom for a detachable waist belt for shouldering heavy loads on long journeys.
  • Slide adjusting sternum strap keeps pack stable under heavy loads.
  • Giant waterproof roll-top with super-secure 38mm snap-buckle access to main compartment.
  • YKK® zippers


Pack size: 15” x 22” x 9” (38cm x 56cm x 22cm)
Laptop compartment:
10.6" x 17.3" x 1.2" (27cm x 44cm x 3cm)
Laptop Fitting:
15-17"MacBook Pro & Most 15” PC laptops
Volume: 46 liters

Key Features

  • * Laptop compatible
  • * Padded back panel
  • * Waterproof
  • * Compartable shoulder straps
  • * YKK zippers
  • * TSA compatible carry on



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Amazing quality!

I am a student and have a case logic bag that I love, but I also carry a lot of books and ride my bike so I needed something more comfortable with space for me to bring lunches to school. This bag is so spacious. I mainly got it so I could use it for school and for trips. It has so much space, so many pockets and even with my laptop and books in there it still has more space and is more comfortable to wear. I live in Oregon so there’s enough pockets to carry an umbrella and hats and gloves and my hydro flask. And the bag is water proof. I highly recommend this bag. It’s worth the investment.


Best Backpack I've Ever Owned

This bag has lasted me 9 years, with 2 separate 'threads'. It's been to over 15 countries, all over the US, and has been my daily commuter for years. It's waterproof, bombpoof, and has held up astonishingly well to my abuses. I used to be a Chrome guy and owned several of their bags, but this one beat all of them out in terms of reliability and ease of use. Happy to spend the money on another one knowing I'll get almost another decade of use out of it.

Alex C.

Favorite Backpack I've Ever Owned

I've had a lot of backpacks over the years and done my fair share of traveling. I finally got this bag as a gift from my partner(I gave many hints) about a year ago. I have both of the Vietnam threads, and they are beautiful. I live in Seattle, and I've never seen anyone else with this bag, but people ask me about it all the time. I take it to work every day, and keep all my essentials in it. I pretty much take it with me wherever I go. Bus, light-rail, scooter, bike, walking(I don't have a car) etc. I am actually glad it doesn't have a hip belt, as I use it so often that those get annoying when you're frequently putting a bag down/putting it on. All the straps/buckles are very well made, and the organization of the bag is top notch. I can tell I will have this bag for many years to come.



I have had this bag since 2011-12 and still love it as much as I did when I first stumbled upon it! It's gone through a lot of changes with me (7 threads!) And been on countless trips and still looks great. This would have been my last backpack, but I know I will eventually cave and get the updated version that works with the hip belt! My only regret is that I was too slow to score that beautiful Ghana 5 thread back in the day. Please bring it back so I can finally have some peace!

Christopher D.

My Favorite Bag

I'm a 6'3 male who uses this pack for weekend trips, actual traveling (2-3 weeks), and adventuring around on my skis, road bike, at concerts, and hiking. This bag is incredibly well built. Sturdy and stylish this bag can go everywhere with you. The organization of the bag is great and I can always find a bit of space for things I pick up along the way. You will love the side entrance which makes grabbing things at the bottom of the bag incredibly easy. I have had the bag for about two years, and have two different threads that I interchange occasionally. The icing on the cake is this is a company that you can be proud to get behind. No doubt this is an expensive bag, but you get what you pay for. If you want more of a daypack, the 30L will do the job, but for a bigger framed person/ if you want to be able to travel for longer, definitely size up to the 46L.


My new travel companion

I was a little skeptical about this bag at first. It was a major change from my previous travel bag (a Tom Bihn Aernaut), but I loved the ethics and design of Ethnotek. This bag has lots of space, and it easily holds everything for an extended trip. I spent 8 weeks traveling last summer, and everything easily fit in this bag. I would recommend picking up some stuff sacks/packing cubes to help organize everything in the bag. The addition of the waist belt is crucial if you’re going to load this bag up. My only criticism is about the laptop section. I’m not a fan of bags with a built in laptop sleeve. I travel without a laptop - just an iPad in my smaller day bag - so I feel like this space is wasted. I’ve ending up using the laptop sleeve as simply more storage. I would prefer more space in the main compartment. Regardless of that minor quibble, the Raja is definitely my new go-to bag for trips. I love the design and the interchangeable threads are beautiful.


Best Bag Yet!

I've owned my Ethnotek for about 5 years and it is still as durable as ever. Wounderful holding compasity, It still has no tares, and it's my bag of choice for any real adventure or simple day trip. I've used this guy on road trips and for classes with the same beautiful results; a spot for everything. The only thing I wish this company would consider is adding a waist strap to distribute carrying weight. But over all, 5 out of 5.


Dependable, well-made, and eye-catching

I bought a Raja bag in 2012-ish and since then have upgraded threads a couple times and bought 2 more bag styles. I've put the bags to the test - the Cyclo Travel Sling has been dunked in the ocean (whoops), the Acaat Messenger bag did well and looked professional at many research conferences, and all of them have been drug through a lot of dirt and dust (I'm a soil scientist, it comes with the job) and used as pillows/backrests in a lot of airports. They've held up beautifully through it all! Almost everywhere I go, I get compliments on how unique and cool they look. Thank you for making great products!


Non-stop travel companion Rucksack Backpack

Traveling the world non-stop I had to find a handy Rucksack Backpack that not only carries my clothes, but also my macbook and electronic devices. My Ethnotek Raja travel backpack has all the handy features to keep things safe but also accessible while traveling. With the Sling Roll it makes the perfect combination for combining work and adventure. Just love it!


Love these bags!

I recommend checking out Ethnotek Backpacks as your day bag. I can vouch for them as I used one as my sole bag while traveling for 2 months earlier this year. Theyre a little pricey at $220, but theyre the perfect size and have some sweet features that make them worth it. Back pocket for laptop (easy access, stored in separate section away from other clutter__surprisingly useful). Large side pockets (one for gear/chargers, etc, one mesh__for water bottle) Side access to bag contents (useful if you use this as your only bag, as I do) Messenger bag top (nice if youre riding bicycles and motorcycles) Straps: side straps and top strap mean you can pack in a yoga mat, High water resistance (rainstorm tested!)

Veritas L.

World Traveler

Loved this bag, bought for a trip to Mexico where the only bag I took was this and a messenger bag. I was able to fit mt laptop, DSLR camera, A few outfits, Toiletries, neccessary paperwork, and extra par of shoes and flip flops, and still had room for a few souvenirs for the trip back. I was enough bag for me to make through a bunch of small beach towns and mountains villages. Only issue I had was the way the top buckles; if you put a little too much in the bag it snaps off of the strap completely. Also I think the side pockets are awesome for easy access, but they also give easy access to pickpockets. PACSAFE bags use a hidden hook to snap your zipper onto this would be a perfect feature for these bags! I bought the limited edition bag from india would love to see more limited edition threads from more villages around the world!


Search is OVER!

I've been a backpack fan for a long time, super excited to see a company embrace local crafts people, and allow consumers to change their pack aesthetics. Ordered this pack and 2 threads. Both threads look fantastic and the quality of construction is fantastic! The roll top is very nice allowing carrier to adjust bag capacity. The side pockets allow for storage and access into the main compartment. I used it for a 2 month vacation. the interior is open so you can use any packing system you like. Couldn't have been more happy about this purchase. Pros: Materials are all high quality Durable-2 months of straight travel and it looks great! Easy Access to interior Carry-on size (even on tiny jets) LOVE LOVE the elastic strap ties, keeps the profile svelte. The only Cons so far, when fully loaded the top buckle struggles to close (strap could just be 1"-2" longer.) If you are wanting to have a durable, stylish, multi-use pack then stop your search!


What's not to love?

I love the idea behind this whole brand so decided to get this bag when my go-to bag was worn out. Totally love it! I love it so much that not only I use it for my travels but for school too.


Capacity ? Great bags

hi ! thank you for bringing us that type of inspired and natural product for our future trips Juste a question about the capacity: How many liters can it takes ? Waiting for new backpacks design !! merci

Ethnotek Bags

Hi Raphael, thank you for the kind words! The Raja Pack, when fully packed-out is 46 liters.


Great Backpack - Style and Function

The Raja Pack is a good choice for long weekend trips, to go climbing or kite surfing. It is functional and good looking. I love my Raja Pack!


Love it!

This is the mother of all packs! I have had it for a while now and it sees me through everything and not once have I had a problem with it. From trips to uni, or the shops, to big weekends away or even big backpacking trips my ETK Raja has served me well. The laptop compartment near the back protects it beautifully and allows easy access to it without going into the main compartment. The main part of the bag is big enough for just about anything with the roll top meaning it can be expanded further. There is also a divider which is good for keeping documents flat, as well as a small zip pocket for a few items (kindle touch fits perfectly). The side pockets are great for those small items and the one that allows quick access to the main part can be extremely useful! As well as a great bag for organisation you of course look the part with your thread, which contains yet another handy pocket. Awesome bag made by some awesome people, definitely the best bag I have ever owned!