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Unique travel backpack | Raja 46 Liter Backpack

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Type: Unique Travel Backpack

A truly unique travel backpack for today’s digital nomad

The Raja 46 Liter Unique Travel Backpack is purpose-built for the daily commute, a weekend camping trip, and the occasional cross-continental journey of self-discovery. It’s built from 840-denier water-resistant ballistic nylon and has side zip pockets lined with handwoven fabric from our partnering artisans in the Cham village of Vietnam. The Raja Boho Backpack is laptop compatible and fits 15” + 17” MacBook Pro & most 15” PC Laptops. The giant roll top main compartment gives maximum access and is lined with water-resistant rip-stop nylon for an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Name: Raja means ‘king’ in Hindi

Customizable Laptop Backpack

The Raja is a large travel backpack that can be customized via the removable front panel called a Thread™. Each Thread™ is created from handmade textiles that are sourced in person and purchased directly from the artisan or craft village in which they were created. We are continually scouring the globe to find textiles that embody the vibrancy and beauty of the people who create them and the traditions they represent. We release new Threads™ regularly, allowing you to update the look of your bag without having to buy a new one entirely. This puts a whole new meaning to changing your threads!

High-tech features & functionality

  • Water resistant 840-denier ballistic nylon main bag fabric.
  • Comes with interchangeable Thread™ front panel.
  • Right-side exterior slip pocket for maps and travel manuals.
  • Easy access pockets for passports, plane tickets, and cafe punch cards.
  • Right-side pocket is quilted and fuzzy tricot lined to keep gadgets safe from scratches.
  • Left-side stretch-mesh water bottle pocket zips open for easy access into main compartment. Front inside surface has slip pockets for sunglasses and pens.
  • Compression snap buckles attach the interchangeable Thread™ panel and tall items such as yoga mat, tent poles, tripod or a skateboard to the side of the bag vertically.
  • Laptop compartment zips open to fit 15-17" MacBook Pro and most 15” PC laptops.
  • Interior main compartment contains a document pocket for A4/ Letter sized magazines, papers and folders.
  • Interior Stretch-mesh zip-pocket scaled for laptop power-adapter and other accessories.
  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel keeps you comfortable while air-mesh keeps the wind at your back.
  • Back panel has a pass-through on the bottom for a detachable waist belt for shouldering heavy loads on long journeys.
  • Slide adjusting sternum strap keeps pack stable under heavy loads.
  • Giant waterproof roll-top with super-secure 38mm snap-buckle access to main compartment.
  • YKK® zippers


Main pack: 15” x 22” x 9” (38cm x 56cm x 22cm)
Laptop compartment:
10.6" x 17.3" x 1.2" (27cm x 44cm x 3cm)
Laptop Fitting:
15-17"MacBook Pro & Most 15” PC laptops
Volume: 46 liters

Key Features

  • * Laptop compatible
  • * Padded back panel
  • * Waterproof
  • * Compartable shoulder straps
  • * YKK zippers
  • * TSA compatible carry on



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