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Indonesian Textiles Back in Fashion

Traditional Indonesian textiles fell out of favor following the archipelago’s independence, eschewed by the majority of young Indonesians who turned to Western lifestyle and fashion. However, recent times have seen a revival of these handmade textiles, led by top fashion designers.

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Product & Design

Step into the design process of our bags, get the first look at new product roll-outs, see collaborations, brand alliances and more.

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Artisan & Culture

This colorful section of the blog is to highlight the culture & handmade process of our artisans and to share other relevant articles on anthropology and hand-craft.

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Travel & Community

Track Ethnoteks adventures and see what our community is up to. This is a place we'll feature our Tribe of customers and all the awesomeness that you're up to. To be featured tag @ethnotekbags and #etktribe on social media.

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