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The Inner Circle Sale


The Inner Circle Sale


The Inner Circle Sale



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The Inner Circle Sale

The Inner Circle Sale

Here at Ethnotek, we are so thankful for you, our customers, the Ethnotek Tribe. You are a powerful bunch! You've tagged us all over Instagram and Facebook, you've shared your adventures and journeys with us, big and small, at home and on the other side of the globe.

We love serving you, our Tribe. Our customers don't just buy a bag, you become part of a community of people who make world culture part of their life and keep it alive, hopefully for generations to come. This is no small feat, we are all involved in some small way, interconnected, and your purchase makes all the difference. You’re part of the community that sees the status quo, and walks – no – hikes, bikes, paddles the other direction. If we didn't have you, it would be a lonely journey.

It's with that appreciation that we announce our Inner Circle Sale. This is a very limited time sale for our "inner circle" - if you haven't received an email with the link, you can request one - just sign up in the upper left hand corner of our site. You probably know that we rarely have sales and promotions. Our smaller production with such precious handmade textiles create products that get snatched up pretty quickly. But this holiday season, we selected some of our best sellers and created a sale just for you, our inner circle.

There are so many giftable products at really great prices, but that's all we can say. If you want access, sign up now (check out the upper left corner of the site).

If you missed it, we have another surprise for you, any order over $100 receives a Padu Pouch. You can learn all about it, and see more images here.

We appreciate you and hope you enjoy this sale! You're welcome to invite your friends too. The more, the merrier...although stock is limited so you might want pick your favorites first!


Happy Thanksgiving Ethnotek Tribe! Thank you for everything you do!

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