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Hiking Backpacks

To help you choose a hiking backpack, we’ve narrowed it down to our top four. We have two small hiking backpacks and day hiking backpacks and two larger backpacks for hiking that have more features for longer treks. This spread should be good for people who have small versus large body types and those looking for something lightweight and minimal versus more heavy duty. We hope you find the best hiking backpack for your next adventures!




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Hiking Backpacks


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Hiking Backpack for Longer Journeys

The Raja 30 Liter Backpack is our top selection for hikers and campers looking for a bag with lots of storage, without being too huge to slow you down. The top features for Raja 30 are the removable padded waist belt with pockets, heat venting back panel, padded and comfy shoulder straps with stabilizing sternum strap and elastic mesh water bottle pocket. These are handy features during a day on the trail.

Waterproof backpack for hiking

The Anju 15 Waterproof Backpack is a great fit for those extra environmentally conscious folks who want extra protection from rain, snow and mud. The Anju 15’s main bag tech-fabric is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles and what makes it a great backpack for hiking is it’s built-in rain cover. The seam-sealed rain cover stashes inside the base of the bag and can unfurl to fully wrap the hiking backpack for total protection from the elements.

Stylish day hiking backpack

The Premji 20 Liter Eco Daypack has a unique shape that a lot of people ask about, particularly it’s base. The Premji hiking backpack’s base is slanted to prevent drag when butt-sliding down steep rocks and terrain. Hard core hikers will know what we mean by this. Backpacks with flat bottoms can often push you forward in these situations, not good if you’re on the edge of a cliff trying to get a photograph. Premji also has a built-in organizer in the front pocket and compression straps on the sides of the bag which are great for attaching large items to the outside of your hiking backpack.

Small hiking backpack

The Atma Small Hiking Backpack is our lightest and smallest backpack. Whether you have a smaller body type or are just looking for something compact, light, and fast for ease of movement while hiking, we think you’ll love the Atma! Even off the trail, Atma has some great features for daily use, like a laptop sleeve and tons of pockets to keep you organized. The internal water resistant honeycomb ripstop lining is great to easily clean up if anything spills inside the bag.

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